WNN Properties Team

Meet the Team

CJ Calio - WNN Properties Founder

CJ Calio is the co-founder of WNN properties LLC, and a full-time investor in residential and commercial real estate.  CJ has raised millions of dollars to build a substantial residential and commercial portfolio and now helps other do the same.  In less than five years CJ and his wife were able to live their dream of being full time investors while spending more time with their wonderful children.  Let WNN Properties help you do the same.  

Jasmine Calio - WNN Properties Founder

Jasmine Calio is the co-founder of WNN properties LLC, and a full-time investor in residential and commercial real estate.  Jasmine is the operations and marketing manager of WNN Properties and manages their personal portfolio of residential and commercial properties.  Jasmine also holds a Master’s Degree in Business and a Master’s Degree in Adult Education.


Brandon Rabe - WNN Advisor

Brandon is a full time investor that specializes in the BRRRR strategy.  Through massive action, he has acquired several cash-flowing properties in just a short period of time. He is also a graduate of the WNN Properties mentorship program and became certified as a High-Performance coach. He accomplished all of this while maintaining a full-time job and raising two young children with his wife.  Brandon’s achieved financial freedom through real estate and can teach you how to do the same. Let’s build our aspirations and portfolios together!


Jin Lim - WNN Advisor

Jin has acquired knowledge and experience in an array of real estate-related opportunities, from wholesaling, working with flippers, creating a passive income portfolio, raising hundreds of thousands of dollars in private money and as an advisor at WNN Properties.  His extreme attention to detail by serving in the Marines has given him the discipline and drive he needs to analyze countless deals daily on hundreds of properties. With his service-before-self approach to investing, he felt compelled to help others achieve their financial freedom goals. Jin is here to serve you

Gilbert Coloma - WNN Advisor

Gilbert is an active investor, 101 financial coach, and a WNN advisor. Shortly after completing the mentorship program with WNN Properties Gilbert immediately started working on becoming an advisor to assist others in building their real estate portfolios with limited funds.  His unique experience in being a financial and real estate coach allows him to teach his mentees how to leverage smarter banking coupled with the BRRRR strategy to build passive income.  

Tahnee Del Calzada - WNN Advisor

Tahnee Dela Calzada focuses on buying and holding cash flowing residential and commercial properties both in her local area in Hawaii as well as out-of-state.  With an unwavering dedication and unstoppable ambition, she catapulted into the commercial space, raising hundreds of thousands of dollars and leveraging the expertise and team from WNN Properties.  In addition to investing she is owner of Taro Patch collective which hosts local real estate events to connect investors for deals and resources, provide them with guidance and support, and create an environment where experienced investors can collaborate with those just starting out in the field of real estate.  She also facilitates the commercial total immersion program

Bleys Wright - WNN Advisor

Bleys Wright is actively investing in real estate using many different strategies.  As a graduate of the WNN mentorship program and now as an advisor, he specializes in short term rentals (AirBnB) and co-living properties, and ground up construction projects ranging from luxury homes to affordable projects. This is all being done while being a servicemember and serving the community through coaching sports. Join the community and learn to have a servant mindset while growing your portfolio.

Cedric Caagbay - WNN Advisor

Cedirc's journey started his investing journey on his own and acquired
 several properties out of state before finding WNN Properties.  Through his mentorship program he gain the knowledge and experience to catapult his investments into commercial real estate while working a full time job.  He has gained valuable skills and experiences through completing several BRRRR's, hybrid BRRRR's, 1031 exchanges, raising private money and much more.  He now continues to build his personal portfolio, mentors with WNN Properties, and host our monthly Deal Analysis Deep Dive. 

Young Park - WNN Consultant

Young is a buy-and-hold real estate investor working towards financial independence. He uses both BRRRR and hybrid BRRRR strategies to build his cash-flowing rental portfolio. As a pharmacist, Young has a unique understanding of the issues of a busy professional trying to build a real estate portfolio. As a WNN Properties consultant, he assists those who are looking to purchase out-of-state rentals but might not have a lot of time to build their portfolio. 

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