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They hold nothing back. I was continually amazed at how willing to share their hard earned knowledge. I cannot image there being a better program out there.  This has completely changed the trajectory of my life. I was looking for another self sustaining option as a career. I have found it and am well on my way to self sustaining. This program is only for those really serious about starting a property investment business. Because you WILL do that.  I just cannot say enough about the program. Within 6 months, my life is changed.
-Joe B

WNN’s mentorship program was exceptional and well worth the investment! WNN Properties and their advisors are very supportive, knowledgeable, and are actively doing everything they teach in their own life.  The program was very well-structured and adaptive to my individual needs and lifestyle.  WNN Properties has high expectations for their mentees, which really helped to push and challenge me to do my best.  They taught me valuable lessons that will continue to guide me throughout my real-estate investing career.  I am so thankful I had the opportunity to work with WNN Properties, and highly recommend their mentorship program to anyone who is serious about pursuing a future in real estate investing. 

- Katie C.

My experience with the year-long mentorship was simply amazing. Before I met CJ, I have been listening to Bigger Pockets podcasts, watching YouTube videos, and reading books on real estate investing. However, I found clarity and the right strategy that I want to implement in my investing career and, most importantly, taking action through mentorship. I was able to find a great property that will cashflow while maximizing capital to continue to buy more! I have spent an exorbitant amount of money on traditional education, but this mentorship was by far the best investment that I’ve ever made. I highly recommend working with WNN Properties to anyone who’s interested in building a long term, passive income through real estate.

- Young P.

If you are a newbie looking for a “Road Map” to success as a Real Estate Investor, the WNN properties Program is the way to go…You are surrounded by like minded investors who are committed to seeing you succeed. 

– Frank A.

BRRRR Testimonials

Yes. 2020 was a very tough year & most people may have lost income. I was able to work very hard and use the money earned from my job to invest in a property which will provide me with passive income.

- Kaimi K.

As with my first BRRRR experience, working with WNN Properties on my second BRRRR was a great learning opportunity and I was very pleased with the results! I have to emphasize how patient they were with me during this whole process, and how he truly cared and adjusted accordingly when I expressed my budget concerns for the rehab. I feel like I am truly part of a caring and knowledgeable team with WNN Properties, and always feel confident knowing I am in good hands.

- Katie C.

Working with WNN Properties and having them manage my project made my experience smooth and seamless. They updated me throughout the entire process and answered every question I had, even the littlest ones that I felt shame to ask. The final product turned out better than I thought and I’m very satisfied with it. If you need a project manager for your next rehab, look no further!

- Brandon R.

WNN Properties made our investment easy and enjoyable. We hit some roadblocks along the way but WNN Properties were there to walk us through exactly what needed to get done. All together it was a great experience.

- Kimo C.

I feel very fortunate to have met the Calio’s. I was almost buying a home with very little knowledge and no real direction. I was going off of the internet information on how to buy your first rental. A friend caught wind that I was doing this and told me about WNN Properties and what they have been doing for the last several years, the BRRRR system. I withdrew my offer on the house and met with CJ. He explained what the BRRRR is and how it works. I did have some back knowledge so I was able to understand what he was explaining to me. He invited me to one of his seminars in which I attended along a few more to get a better understanding about the system and that WNN Properties specializes in. An advisor called me about an opportunity and was able to help me each step of the way. They were always there to answer questions and help with any issues I had. I now have my first rental property bought, renovated, rented. I am looking forward to refinancing and repeating soon. Thanks to WNN Properties for all the help and support they have provided getting me started in the BRRRR cash flow business. One down, many more to go.

- Donald B.

About 3 years ago Jasmine and CJ shared with us about investing in real estate to make positive cash flow.  We were skeptical as it went against everything we were taught about real estate living here in Hawaii (cost too much to buy, rent will never exceed your mortgage, etc.)  Then we started to hear about all the positive and real outcomes from their investments…it piqued our curiosity.  So, about a little over 2 years ago we asked to sit down with them and ask more pointed questions about what they do.  We decided to take the plunge and start the process of investing out of state.  They helped us to understand the area we were looking to buy, how to find the funds for purchase, getting property management and insurance, etc.  We found our first property which was a huge deal for us…we now own 4 doors and are so thankful to have started this journey!  The positive cash flow, tax benefits, etc. have made amazing opportunity something we are so grateful for.  We are continuing the process of adding to our portfolio and highly recommend the value WNN Properties can bring to educating you on a different type of investing.

- Martina A.

They have been doing it long enough now that they know the ins and outs and have quite a bit of experience. They have good relationships with the people they work with and it is great that they can provide some recommendations and allow the client to choose the person that they feel most comfortable with. Their company did a very good job and we were able to list the rent price a little higher than expected because of the quality work. Thank you so very much for being willing to help me in the ways you have, I truly appreciate you!! I appreciate you taking the time to help me learn how to do this and to help me get started in real estate investing. It will change my life and has begun to do so already. I am grateful!

- Heather D.