Commercial Total Immersion

Learn and grow along side active commercial real estate investors.

If you’re looking to learn how to break into the world of commercial real estate, then this group is for you! We don’t deal with hypothetical situations or use “traditional methods” of education. We solve real-world problems that we’re currently facing in today’s ever changing market.

We invite commercial real estate professionals to share their insights on current trends so we can adjust our strategies as needed and stay relevant. Our team of experienced investors will help you break through the barriers that are stopping you from starting your commercial real estate portfolio! Our network will help build your business by sharing their unique experiences, time-saving tools and resources, invaluable team members, and hidden opportunities.

Check out the success stories from our group!

Daniel is an experienced house flipper looking to invest his hard-earned cash into something that would cash flow. He joined the program and closed on his first commercial office building shortly after!

After successfully completing the residential mentorship program, Tahnee sought to take her investing to the next level by investing into a commercial asset. She will soon be a full-time mommy of two thanks to the cash flow afforded from her portfolio!

Power couple, Chris and Sheena, are experienced residential rental investors and was also looking to up their cash flow game. Shortly after joining the group, they were able to snag a great fully occupied commercial property!

Stop going at it alone.

Our community of active commercial real estate investors are here to help you hit the next level in your own investing journey. Do you think you have what it takes?