Knowing Your Numbers – May 2020 Meetup

Are you ready to invest but the current market situation has got you nervous? Do you want to get started but aren’t sure if you are running your numbers correctly? What are the “numbers” everyone talks about when they talk about buying a property? If these are some questions that go through your mind this is the meet up for you. In this unprecedented times and economic uncertainty knowing your numbers is more important than ever.

WNN Properties Proudly presents CJ Calio a buy and hold, out of state investors and the owner of WNN Properties LLC. He works with and mentors other investors to create passive income through real estate, so they can retire with monthly cash flow. CJ has build a portfolio of passive income rentals for himself and his investors worth over $6 million in less than four years. CJ will be educating us about how to properly run your numbers to sustain a passive income portfolio.

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