Finishing the Year Strong – October 2021 Fo’Real Estate Networking Event

What Experienced Investors Do to Solidify Success.


CJ Calio Portrait

CJ Calio

Co-Founder at WNN Properties

CJ Calio is the co-founder of WNN properties LLC, and a full-time investor in residential and commercial real estate. CJ has raised millions of dollars to build a substantial residential and commercial portfolio since 2015 and now helps other do the same. In less than five years CJ and his wife were able to live their dream of being full time investors while spending more time with their wonderful children. Let WNN Properties help you do the same. CJ is also a licensed real estate agent and has over five years trained experience in marketing and sales.

Daniel Kong

House Buyers Hawaii LLC

Daniel is an active real estate investor who quickly scaled his portfolio using creative strategies along with the BRRRR method. He’s an avid learner and enjoys coffee and talking anything real estate. Daniel’s primary focus is building a passive income rental portfolio through Fix and Flips, and the BRRRR method.


Stacey Agustin

Ka'oi Property Partners LLC

Stacey Agustin, born and raised on O’ahu, graduated from UC Irvine with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Stacey realized her love of building businesses and working on projects when she started the solar racecar team at UCI. After college, she went into Construction Management, where she managed the construction of a $133M dorm tower and $1.2B project at LAX. While working in construction, Stacey started fix and flipping houses in Southern California. Recently, Stacey moved back home to O’ahu, where she quit her Corporate Engineering job to invest in Hawaii. 

About the Event

This is not your normal monthly meet up. We are here to find ways to make deals happen. Are you looking for money, deals, or a team? Our experienced panel of investors can help you. Lets make deals happen!

Who Should Attend?

Experienced investors who live on Oahu should attend to meet other like-minded individuals. Meet others on island who are actively flipping, wholesaling, or investing out of state.

Only 50 seats available!

Map of Event Location

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