Starter Option

Thank you for your interest in the mentorship program.  You have great potential to do great things in real estate and we believe you would be a great fit for our WNN Properties starter options.  These options will give you an idea of who we are and what we do in the mentorship program without having to fully commit to everything required upfront.

Option 1

  • WNN Properties Consulting Option – Sometimes all you need is someone to walk with you on your first transaction to give you the confidence to take action. If you are looking to purchase a property in Kansas City and need an expert to guide you through a one time transaction we can help you do that.  We can refer you to our network and guide you through the due diligence process to help you get through your first purchase.

Option 2

  • WNN Properties Mastermind Membership – This is a self-paced program fit for a do-it-yourself investor.  You will get the opportunity to learn with other buy and hold investors and like minded individuals who are just starting to build their portfolios as well as experienced investors and advisors.  You will have access to exclusive weekly group coaching calls as well as videos and documents to assist you in building your portfolio on your own.

Recommendation 1

  • Financial Advisor Option – Prior to building a real estate portfolio we highly recommend getting your finances in order. Gilbert Coloma is a Financial advisor that will give you the personal instruction and encouragement you need to makeover your finances and stick to your plan. You’re not alone. You have everything you need to succeed. Stress-free finances here we come!

Recommendation 2

  • High Performance Coaching – On a fundamental level, Brandon Rabe believes that personal development and real estate investing are By offering both to people like you through Breaking Rhythm, he seek to help you achieve your highest goals and aspirations in your personal life, business endeavors, and beyond.