Setting Objectives and Have Discipline

BRRRR and Beer Episode 11 with Brandon Rabe

If you want to BRRRR real estate but don’t know where to start and want to make sure your first deal is successful ~ you’ll need to set objectives and have discipline. C.J. Calio’s guest speaker is his very own mentee ~ Brandon Rabe; he shares these essential tools that has developed and expanded his investment portfolio. Listen & learn. To learn more ~ reach out… “I’d love to share my success in Buy ~ Rehab ~ Rent ~ Refinance ~ Repeat. Let’s BRRRR.” ~ CJ Calio

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Bird Dogging

BRRRR and Beer Episode 10 with Keone Caitan What is an ideal BRRRR property and how do you find one? BRRRR mentor ~ C.J. Calio

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