Beginners Guide to Real Estate Investing – June 29, 2021

Cash Flow vs Appreciation: What Experienced Real Estate Investors Know


CJ Calio Portrait

CJ Calio

Co-Founder at WNN Properties

CJ Calio is a buy and hold, out of state specialist who focuses on creating portfolios of cash-flowing properties. He is the proud owner of WNN Properties LLC, a mentorship/consulting company that works with busy professionals to create passive income through real estate, so they can live the lives they were meant to live rather than live paycheck to paycheck.

WNN Properties has raised over 8 million dollars to purchase over 80 residential and commercial properties in the past five years.  CJ and Jasmine have recently been able to quit their day jobs and live their dream of being full time investors while spending more time with their three wonderful children. 

About the Event

Are you interested in investing in real estate and just don’t know where to start? Well this is the meet up for you.

Who Should Attend?

This event is for new to investing and just getting started investors. Let our team educate and assist you to take that important first step towards earning passive income through real estate.

Only 18 seats available!

Map of Event Location

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